CSO Centered Policy Dialogues on Free Trade Agreement - FTA

ANSA - The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability - Cambodia looks for opportunities to empower the vulnerable citizen group who are the beneficiaries of FTA through empowerment activities, promote the evidence based advocacy and foster constructive dialogues between CSO-Government to address the FTA governance and making the FTA issue as collective issues among the region. 

The project aimed at achieving the following objectives:

•  An increased empowerment for Trade Unions (TU), CSO, Farmer Association, Farmer Confederation, youth and community for accountable FTA and related rights
•  More collaborative engagement floor between CSO and policymakers to build a stronger pieces of evidence to improve FTA governance and action
•  Farmers, CSO, TU, Youth and community’s voice are heard for better living conditions through FTA effort and its benefit. In the last two years, we have produced two research reports related to FTAs such as understanding FTA among grass-root citizens and small scale farmer, policy brief on FTA. Gender Centered FTAs